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D-Ju (Jena, Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek)

Shelfmark: 4 Mus.6a(2); 4 Mus.6c(2); 4 Mus.6d(2)
Partbooks present:

D, T, B

Description of binding: Restored by Hans Heiland in 1955. Full leather binding with the names of the voice parts stamped on the covers. Around the border are stamped various allegorical figures (Iusticia, Occasio, Prudencia) and the date 1526. The leather of each volume is a different colour: white pigskin for the Discantus, mid-brown for the inner voices, dark brown for the Bassus. An old paper label with the letter F is stuck on the front cover of the Discantus book. The Tenor partbook has a hand-written index of pieces bound in before and after the first item, but like the first few leaves in the volume, it is badly damaged. Before the second item is bound in a list of the tricinia, with Incipits and composers named. The bookplate of Johann Friedrich I of Saxony is stuck in the back of the Tenor book. A largely illegible label from the Tenor book is bound in the back of the Tenor book; the only legible words are “Officia paschalia”.
Content of composite volume:

1. Secundus tomus novi operis musici. Nuremberg: Hieronymus Formschneider, 1538, vdm: 37
2. Trium vocum carmina. Nuremberg: Hieronymus Formschneider, 1538, vdm: 41
3. Modulationes aliquot quatuor vocum selectissimae. Nuremberg: Johann Petreius, 1538, vdm 39
4. Missae tredecim quatuor vocum. Nuremberg: Hieronymus Formschneider, 1539, vdm: 43
5. Officia paschalia de resurrectione et ascensione domini. Wittenberg: Georg Rhau, 1539, vdm: 46

Manuscript additions or corrections:

Author attributions in the Tenor partbook: 1. LS, 3. H. Isac, 4. Anton. Brumel, 7. Hayne, 10. Joskin, 12. Jacobus Obrecht, 16. Joskin, 18. L. Compere, 22. H. Finck, 23. H. Isaac, 26. Agricola, 27. Alexander agricol, 28. Jacob barbiraun, 29. H. Isac, 30. H. Isac, 31. Joskin, 38. Johan Buchner, 43. Joh. Ghiselin, 55. Ant. Brumel, 56. Xythus Dietrich, 64. Jo. Ghiselin, 65. Nicolaus Caen, 67. LS, 71. Arnoldus brugensis, 72. Prioris, 84. Agricola, 86. Okeghem [Eitner S. 7?58] (modern hand), 88. H. Isac, 98. Samson, 99. Alexander Agricola; some incipits and some text underlay.


Bookplate from the library of Johann Friedrich I of Saxony (cf. Wiedeburg 1754).

Secondary literature:

Wiedeburg, Basilius Christian Bernhard. Ausführliche Nachricht von einigen alten teutschen poetischen Manuscripten […]. Jena: Johann Adam Melchiors Witwe, 1754 (4-5)

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